New Launches

Kitchen really castle itself. This where we spend our happiest movement where we find the joy of being a family So kitchen world launches new Appliances for your dream kitchen which is Stunning on the outside, smart on the inside.

Chimney for Kitchen

Chimneys not only aid in eliminating smoke and smell but also offer the lowest noise levels, something that only the specialist offers. Advanced by fabulous features like Feather Touch Control and a high suction capacity, Sleek chimneys are the best in its class.

KAFF - Electric Chimneys

FABER- Electric Chimneys

Hobs for Kitchen

hobs are not only high on safety but are also fuel efficient. These hobs come with an auto ignition technology along with original Sabaf burners. Compatible with both LPG and natural gas, hobs are truly international but with Indian sensibilities.


KAFF- Built-in Hobs

Induction cooker

Induction cooking heats a cooking vessel with induction heating, instead of infrared radiation from electrical wires or a gas flame as with a traditional cooking stove. For all models of induction cooktop, a cooking vessel must be made of a ferromagnetic metal such as cast iron or stainless steel or at least compounded with a steel inlay. Copper, glass and aluminum vessels can be placed on a ferromagnetic interface disk which enables these materials to be used.

FABER- Induction Cooker

Built in Microwaves

Cook Fast. Cook Healthy. That's the mantra of Built-In Microwaves. Because now you can cook your favorite Indian and Continental food, not to miss your favorite crunchy popcorns with speed and absolute ease and most hygienically, too! Built-In Microwaves enhance your food's aroma by helping you save on oil, thereby ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet for you and your family.

KAFF- Built-in Microwaves

FABER- Built-in Microwaves

Built in Ovens

Hygienic and healthy cooking was never so easy and fun! Built-In Ovens have all the futuristic features, designed to give you an incomparable combination of health, performance and style. Elegant designs and a variety of hi-performance features make it easy for you to cook like a pro.

KAFF- Built-in Ovens

FABER- Built-in Ovens

Built in Dishwashers

Dishwashers ensure that your dishware is as hygienic as your cooking. They are fully automatic and sanitize your cooking and serving utensils without you having to lift a finger. You don't have to worry about breakages either. They pamper your delicate and elegant bone chine dishes and make short work of the greasy large utensils too with their gentle, yet powerful washing action.

KAFF- Built-in Dishwashers

FABER- Built-in Dishwashers